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updated 4/12/2023

quality bengal kittens in north Texas, Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex area. Contact us for more info and let us help to fill your need. 

Please adopt your Bengal kitten from a breeder who annually screens for HCM, are willing to provide results from a board certified feline cardiologist. HCM can appear in all cat breeds, NO line is safe or clear from this feline disease. Screening lessens the odds and ethical breeders are concerned about the health and welfare of their babies!  
Go ahead and Ask if they annually screen!
FeLV and FIV Free Cattery

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In Texas, Lone Star Bengals is an award winning reputable, responsible breeder producing superior quality bengal cats and kittens that will delight the feline passion.  Announcing the above pride and joy from my program in the show season 2013-2014 the International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Cheethasden Head Games here at Lone StarBG, aka Kisca which is co-owned with my mentor at Cheetahsden Bengals.  Kisca earned the #19 IW All breed Kitten of the World in 2014#1 Bengal Kitten of the World, received the honorable Jean Mills Visionary Award Receipant along with other Regional awards but you get the idea that this girl has "the right stuff" in a tough male favored world.  I get chills from my neck down my back Every time I look at this girl.  Her dam is my first Bengal and the rock of my program Cheetahsden Head over Heels, her sire is my UB2Hot of Lone StarBG.  

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Bengals are an interesting breed and comes in several colors and patterns but at Lone Star Bengals we are proud to focus more on the 'wild essence', the camo wild looking of the small cats vs. the 'breakfast' patterns of pancake and doughnuts found in the 'larger' exotic leopard cats.  LSB prefers the smaller flow and pattern like arrowhead and/or paw print spot cats that you will find the passion of Lone Star in central Texas, Dallas Fort Worth area.  Do find more info of Lone Star's expectations at the bottom of my kitten page and please find other articles and links around my site to inform to help learn more.  I hope from my photos, that you appreciate my efforts to be a little opposite from the masses.  Hope you see some my passion of bengal cat and kittens to find a few amazing features that mezmerize your taste buds and melt you heart.

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Lone Star Bengals is a Health-Focused program which is our priority that includes that we regularly heart HCM screen our breeders.  Our TICA Outstanding Cattery of Excellence registered Texas Bengal cat cattery specialize includes producing brown spotted/rosette Bengal kittens, sprinkled with brown marbles. Now the DNA tests have reveled genes of brown, lynx point, mink, sepia, blue plus charcoals.  We have also placed kittens in many other areas that include Montana, West Virginia, Oklahoma, California, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, Illinois, Oregon and Washington.  Lone Star Bengals proudly focuses breeding for superior health, friendly temperments, it is here where you will find Bengal cat and kittens in Texas.  

4 the scrutinized bengal cat enthusiast!

It is already an exciting year with stunning baby Bengal kittens! Our passion and focus at Lone Star Bengals is to improve the Bengal cats breed using scrutinized champion bloodlines to insure that our Bengal kittens are top quality, healthy and lots of socialized with charismatic personalities.  All of our Bengal cats and kittens are adopted with a comprehensive health guarantee, written contract, microchipped, age appropriate vaccs, vet report and will be spay/neuter before leaving our care after 12 weeks of age.  Any kitten leaving at an earlier age is being short-cut with things the mom instill/teaches them and/or training from us a the responsible caretaker/breeder with the kittens well-being best interest not including the sibling socializing that is important in the development of the kittens. 

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast!

Lone Star Bengals takes serious the placing our quality bengal kitten and bengal cat in homes where they will be loved and cared for a lifetime, a commitment, not pet homes where they are disposable, a fade, whim or uncaring lifestyles.  We pride ourselves on our reputation, ethical standard and the most excellent care provided for our Bengals.  As a knowledgeable and reputable, responsible breeder (link of issues to consider/questions) with our exceptional awards earning Bengals Illustrated-Certified Reputable Breeder Program,  Verified Bengal Breeder directoryBreeder of Distinction from TIBCS and TICA Outstanding Cattery of Excellence certification shows ourcommitment in our program for bengal cats and kittens in Texas is located in Dallas Fort Worth area and easily place in many other states (we have kittens located in CA, MT, OK, KS, MI, IL, AR, NJ, NM, OR, WA).  Please inquire as you search for a new family addition, reputable breeders will have a written contract and a health guarantee for all parties best interest - seller, buyer and mostly for the kittens well-being, do your homework- I am sure you would agree it is worth it!

4 the scrutinized bengal cat enthusiast!



Lone Star Bengals award winning cattery:

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