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Previous  girls  at  Lone  Star  Bengals

HCM Screened by Dr. Curt Rehling, April 2021- Normal


CH Cheetahsden Head Over Heels, aka Misca

NOW RETIRED and is living with the Coles

Sire: Dreamquest Kalahari of Cheetahsden

Dam: Cheetahsden Samara

Misca was my first bengal that turned me from the 'bark side' and started my bengal passion.. HCM Screened Negative on 9/08, 5/10, 8/11, 8/12 and 3/14.  Since turning 8 in Feburary, Misca earned her name to be added on the list of 'over 8 years old and clear' with her latest report in March, 2014.  I am proud of the Rock of my program and mom of IW SGC Cheetahsden Head Games, aka Kisca.

RETIRED 2015 and being a Queen Bee to be pampered living in Amarillo, Tx.

Lone Star Starz R N Mi I, aka Glimmer

Now Retired and now lives with Lezlee


Sire: Chalkmtn SnowDrift of Lone Star

Dam: Cheetahsden Liberty of Lone Star

HCM screened clear/negative 8/2012, 9/2013 and 3/2015 by board certified feline cardiologist, Dr. Katie Meier of Austin, Texas.  Glimmer was a wonderful mom to many lovely family companions from LSB.

WinsomeBG Couture of Lone Star, aka Coo U Who

Sire: Winsome Bengals Ripple

Dam: G4 Junglebook Glitterbug of WinsomeBG

Coo U is 5 generations from BAGHARA KHAN OF KENT along with Phiset Egyptian Mau


I am honored to continue this hard to find older pedigree from Les Hall with Junglebook lines reference page and Les' vision of the 'margay' look for her program.  CooU also has kept her hard to get whited belly that many breeders strive for. My Coo U NOW qualifies to be in the respected club "8 years of age and still clear/normal"  that has been a goal for my program when I started. 

HCM screened clear/negative Feburary 2019, November 2017, July 2016, August 2015, July 2013

Coo U color results: A/A, B/B, C/cb, D/d, N/M4

carries Burmese gene, dilute gene and one copy LH gene

CH Lone StarBG U B a Star 2, aka Tutu

Sire: Tohearts UB Too Hot of Lone Star
Dam: WinsomeBG Starry Dust of Lone Star
NOW RETIRED and lives with Alex in Austin
Part of the legend Junglebook lines and will be an amazing represent of my efforts of the 'wild essence' that I prefer for my program.  
HCM screened clear/negative March 2015

WinsomeBG Starry Dust of Lone Star


Sire: Medoz Winter Knight of Cheetahsden

Dam: F3 Junglebook Fairy Dust of WinsomeBG

HCM screened clear/negative on 8/12, 7/13, 6/14 and 8/15 by board certified feline cardiologist, Dr. Katie Meier in Austin, Texas.  This hard to find older pedigree and impressed how healthy strong breeders is am working with.  She nows live in Washington with Kathy @ Kamisha.

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