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News @ LSB

2021 Planned breeding

HCM Screenings done to get base numbers on April 11, 2021

Another HCM Screening in Austin July 24 for the new kids on the block

Bahiya Painted Jungle of LoneStarBG

LoneStarBG Cindy Lou Who U

Out of the 4 kittens, one blue mink marble male that will look close to his dad PJ is

ready Now to claim.

BengalIslandcat Oasis Moon

LoneStarBG Hall 2 Fame 4 Les, Tutu

Due June 20, 2021   Expect brown, lynx point, mink and/or blue

will be ready after mid September

Bahiya Painted Jungle, PJ

LoneStarBG Head over Heels in Love, Meme

Due end of July   Expect Seal lynx point and Charcoal

ready after mid October

BengalIslandcat Oasis Moon

Cheetahsden Head to the Jungle, Clarisca

Due end of July  Expect brown and lynx point in spotted and marble

Bahiya Painted Jungle, PJ

LoneStarBG Who Do U Surrender 2

First Surrender will have HCM screen to get her base numbers, July 24th in Austin.

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