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LSB Beginning

Lone Star Bengals is very excited about our program and our responsibility to ensure that we provide top quality family companions, and nothing less.  Like most families in the South, we had a dog when raising the family, thinking cats were just a snobby couch potato, and actually I couldn't stand cats. That was until my sister, and now mentor, moved back home to Texas in 2008 and exposed us to the beautiful, outgoing breed called the Bengal cat. I now have the passion and accepted the addiction of Bengals, we have been changed from the 'bark side'. 

I lovingly ‘blame’ Kelli Faram of Cheetahsden Bengals for bringing us the enjoyment we discovered of the Bengal bond and the affection of these amazing companions.  We are blessed with Kelli’s advice and guidance over the years in order to achieve the quality of our goals, both present and the future. The bonus, we get more sister time together!


We are committed to providing the best health care, top quality grain free nutrition, environment friendly litter, safe secure habitats both indoor and/or outdoors, and lots of love and attention for our Bengal kittens and cats.

We raise our Stars with wholesome healthy choices of natural alternatives to ensure that your companion will arrive in optimum health.  We accept nothing less and expect our buyers to continue the same high quality of care in their homes for the life of their "Star".  We have the pleasure of three months to raise lovable spotted kittens, occassionally we have marbled, both in brown and snow.

We will not sell to homes where our stars are allowed outdoor access without supervision and/or approved significant enclosures.  We also do not allow our kittens to be declawed.  We want to place them in a home worthy of them.  As God-Parents/Servants, all of these expectations are to insure our stars’ happiness and well being is always considered, forever.

To ensure our Integrity, Lone Star Bengals is a TICA registered cattery that has signed and adheres to the Voluntary Code of Ethics.  We are proud members of TIBCS and strive to maintain a positive reputation for the benefit of both the seller and the buyer - nothing less.  We live and practice the Golden Rule "treat others the way I want to be treated", makes good business.

LSB only breeds cats that are screened normal - meaning negative for HCM - and they are screened regularly by a board certified feline cardiologist. This helps to ensure that we produce healthy kittens that will be a part of your family for a lengthy time.  Bengals can live 13-14 or more years and are a commitment, not something to just return when they become inconvenient in your life and the "new" has worn off or the "fad" is over and you feel they are 'disposable'. Or worse, you declaw without researching the fact and now have behavior problems!  Bengals bond loyalty to their humans, they have feelings and they depend on you!  You are their servants and caregivers and must supervise everything You

We are a Feline Leukemia, FIV, and Trichomonas Foetus Negative cattery of all of these 'cooties'.  All of LSB kittens are TICA registered, litter box trained, come with age appropriate vaccinations and deworming,and are sold with a written contract and health guarantee no sooner than 12 weeks of age. 

At LSB all of our stars are sold as pets and will be altered before leaving LSB. As a responsible breeder, we don't want "half Bengal and half ?"  We are serious about placing our stars in the best homes for them, so give us your sales pitch letting us know that you would be the best home.  We receive many inquiries for our "above average" family members.  We WILL NOT place with anyone who would consider declawing.  We are NOT a cattery that over breeds our queens several times a year as we feel giving the girls time to recover and protect their health is important and foremost.  I am not doing this as a business, pay bills/rent or scam people.  Showing our cats is hobby and enjoy sharing a few with others that want a high interactive family member to be spoiled that we expect.

Have proudly earned The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) short list of the Breeder of Disctintion 

Bengal Breeder offering quality Bengal cats and Bengal kittens for sale in Texas.

Proud to be a member of the Bengals Illustrated Reputable Breeder Program

Bengal Breeder offering quality Bengal cats and Bengal kittens for sale in Texas.
Bengal Breeder offering quality Bengal cats and Bengal kittens for sale in Texas.
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