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Cyrus, seal mink marble 

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Romeo, seal mink spotted male


Divine, seal mink spotted female


What 2 Know


Don't you want to find your kitten from someone who breed for superior health, apprearance and friendly temperament from an award winning cattery?  At Lone Star Bengals is a Health-Focused program which is our priority, we have tested and are a FIP/FeLV free (negative) cattery, include PK-Deficiency, PRA tested and feel it is important as a responsible breeder to regularly screen for HCM from a board certified feline cardiologist for ultra sound heart screens.  No line is safe or clear from this HCM feline disease, we at LSB feel screening lessens the odds of our breeding cats to help ensure the best and healthiest possible offspring.  We take every precaution with our breeding practices to greatly reduce the risk of future health issues ...  Our mission is to go above and beyond in our program at the front end to make sure the placement to You is successful, I am sure you would agree our philosophy is worth it.  As your homework/research for a new family addition, make a part of your questions you ask the other breeder invests in their breeding programs health by HCM screening each of their adult breeders with scrutinized pedigrees to ultimately produce healthy kittens to be a part of your family for a long time, provides health records, generation pedigree offered with TICA registration, a written agreement including a health guarantee.  We even include the parents health records to prove our commitment to our program to make us transparent, do any others you interview offer all this?  ...

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Kittens are ready to leave for their new homes at 12 to 16 weeks of age (most at 12 weeks).  All kittens are sold as pets (whether pet or show quality) and will be spayed or neutered before going to their new homes (this is additional fee-as if you were doing the altering later but this way it is done and out of the way, at vets cost and very reasonable, no upcharge, up to a $500 value). With LSB taking care of this process reduces your responsibility, reduces the risk of hormone changing early and it is already done to leave you time to bond with your new family addition.  All of our kittens adopted are vet examined, have their age appropriate core vaccinations, vaccination record, generation pedigree, TICA registration papers, a written contract with a health guarantee, micro-chipping has been injected while surgery.  We do not up-charge as we try to make your new addition a pleasant transaction and affordable.  We proudly offer the most excellent care and well socialized, provided for our Bengals to make them ready for your home so you can focus on bonding with your new kitten and do not have to worry but 'add Love' ...

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Each of our superior, outstanding quality kittens is carefully evaluated and priced according to their overall structure, degree of coloring, patterning and their scrutinized pedigree with health is our priority.  Raising exceptional top quality bengals does not come by cheap with high quality food, supplements, cleaning and caring monitored 24/7.  LSB focuses on heart screens done by a board certified feline cardiologist (HCM screens done regularly), testing to make sure we are negative/clear cattery to make sure to deliver kittens in optimum health to be enjoyed for many years. Each of LSB kittens are special and we proudly have earned quality awards being above and beyond the masses. Our price ranges 3000.-3500*. that includes alter (spay/neuter done under LSB's watch to make sure no reactions and/or issues), all LSB kittens/cats are microchip with registeration with new parents info, age appropriate vaccines (high end mercury FREE Merial Purevax 3 way), vet exam report (can be $450-500. value) and a goodie bag of toys, food, records plus more delivered in 'Optimum' condition with an average of 3100*.  We do accept deposit to put on our waitlist for adoption to reserve your new family addition to hold your choice, preferably after an initial interview and want to know why 'you' are the best home as forever home of my fur kids.  No for your request.  The balance is to be paid in full before kitty leaves for his new home, payments are welcomed along the way.  Do prepare the usual 3-4 days of delay for funds to transfer.  If the balance has not been paid before pick up, cash is the only payment accepted on pick up day and include your carrier for their safety and comfort to avoid stress (as you would treat your human kids) ...

*tax is added to the price of each kitten.  Lone Star LLC is a business, and as such, are required to collect and submit tax on the sale of each kitten sold in Texas.

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Lone Star Bengals Cat & kittens has deligently scrutinized our pedigree lines for years so I feel it is important to interview and place my kittens in top quality homes.  I do not produce cheap kittens so I do not feel my kittens deserve cheap homes and continue enjoying my efforts of raising a special new addition.  We encourage deposits to be made on kittens so that the kitten you picked out are reserved especially for you.  With an executed deposit agreement payment you have the choice of early pick when becomes available to claim (or defer to another upcoming litter) and will not sell this kitten to anyone else.  Before you put a $300. deposit on any kitten or cat, please make sure you want a Bengal cat because all deposits are non-refundable and the deposit does apply toward the final price. This way we know you are seriously committed to buying at Lone Star Bengal.  We do reserve the right to hold back a kitten from our litters for our own breeding program (we have discovered as kittens mature and blossom, we do want to be able to change our decision), but this is not a norm.  As we live and practice the Golden Rule "To treat Others as I want to be treated", simple good business and feel you would agree ...

4 the scrutinized bengal enthusiast